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Bajak Wolf Flux capacitor

Bajak Wolf Flux Capacitor

Here are a few pix of the Bajak Wolf Flux Capacitor

This is the modified John Bajak Flux Capacitor

for the use in experiments with Astral or physical

time travel.

Internal view

Here you can see the positioning of the components.

The piezo transducer isn't the one shown in the

components view as this was deemed too fragile for normal use.

The small motor is used to pulse charge the capacitor, but can

be switched over to pure DC charging allowing the user more flexibility.


Here you can see the case, variable resistors, capacitors, switches and motor for pulsing the capacitor with DC.

The piezo transducer was a bit too fragile and was swapped for one in a small circular plastic case.


The "business" end of the device

This view shows the opening for the piezo transducer.