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Non HDR Mk1

Machine in operation.

Here you can see the arc of up to one inch showing an output of approximately 8000V at about 20KHz.

There is a smell of ozone, that's to be expected.

The heatsink is quite hot (to the touch) after 10 minutes of operation when an arc is drawn, or a coil is connected. (Expected. This machine is about 60 Watts. The transistor switch can dissipate around 115W with the appropriate cooling.)


Coil wound on cup for exciting materials of your choice.

Coil wound on cup and energised, showing corona glow.

Here we have a test tube full of quartz crystal chips, then sealed.

Here, the tube is wound with a coil and energised. Note the particularly bright corona glow. The coil gets noticably warmer after several minutes of operation. There is a very strong smell of ozone also.

When using a coil, note the shorter (1/4"), but "fiercer" arc compared to the 1st photo.

Note the neon tube glows with no connection due to the electric field. Tesla worked on this "wireless" principle for lighting.