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Non HDR or Fluxcap Machine

Here are the latest Non HDR / Non Flux Capacitor

machine pictures.


The Machine

This design utilises high voltage, high frequency electric fields to excite the atoms of quartz crystal.

So far, the results have been somewhat inconclusive and I've sought advice from the HDRKID forum.

This group deals with the HDR (Hyper Dimentional Resonator) and possibly the Fluxcap.

Please follow the link below to view my ongoing discussions on this.


UPDATE... Both this machine and the Bajak - Wolf Flux Capacitor have been sold.

Check out the HDRKID forum for details as the new owner is having success!!!

Also check out the development of my 300Watt Non HDR Mk11 machine and my Audio modulated Non HDR Mk111 machine

Vidor Wolf.



External view of machine


Internal view showing component layout