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Wolf Non HDR Mk11
Components for the Mk11

The Mk11 Wolf Non HDR machine uses different componets from the Mk1

Instead of the Bipolar transistor (2N3055) this uses a pair of IRFP460 MOSFETs

These can handle 500Volts at 20 Amps. That's in the multi Kilowatt range compared to the 115 Watt max of the old Bipolar...

They're currently on wimpy heatsinks for testing at low power, but will then be bolted to the pair of fan assisted heatsinks from some old Pentium 11/111 slot 1 processors.

The Mk1 was around 50 Watts. The Mk11 will be 300 Watts or more.

Of course with this output, you need serious input power.

I'm using a modified MOT (Microwave Oven Transformer.)

The original 2100 Volt secondary has been remove and I wound a new one that should give 40+ Volts and well over 10 Amps.

The big old smoothing capacitor is a massive 33,000 MFD. This will help keep the current up.


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